Paz e Futebol 2 - Sonar Kollektiv

Awesome second installation to the Paz e Futebol compilation series. Once again it covers output from Brazil that doesn't stray too far from jazz and soul. Kicking things off nicely is Raffaela Renzulli's 'Asking Eyes', a musical sunrise if ever I'd heard one. Darkness, in the form of spaced out jazz blues, suddenly turns into bright sunshine, you can picture yourself on the beach, smooth rhythms in the background and coconut in hand. From there it doesn't take long for things to warm up, Minas' 'Calma Mulher' and Quarteto Uai's 'Marcas' bring some funk into the equation if only for a brief moment as the following two tracks swing the shift back towards traditional Brazilian sounds.

Like the first instalment of Paz e Futebol, Jazzanova have managed not only to source the best of Brazil with the likes of Ed Motta and Eumir Deodato, but have extended their vision to the rest of the world with the likes of Hardkandy from England and Nathan Haines from New Zealand also featuring. Thus, the compilation is able to, and does, oscillate between new and old, familiar and strange, the whole way through.

For highlights its hard to go past songs that I already knew and loved before listening to this compilation like 'Daqui Pro Meier', however I'll certainly be going back to listen to 'Marcas', an infectious pop/funk tune made for listening on your way to, or at the beach. I'll also be coming back for the laid back jazzy groove 'Boa Noite Meu Filho', 'Dia De Furar Onda No Mar' for its unique marriage of Italian film score with Brazilian rhythm and finally Fafa de Belem's 'Naturalmente', a fierce groove that screams protest song thanks in no small part to Fafa's driving delivery that builds and builds, single handedly carrying the rest of the ensemble through energy alone.

Overall, its another solid compilation from Sonar Kollektiv, there's something for you no matter how far your journey into Brazilian music is. Just a reminder that if you do enjoy it, to first, make sure to check out Volume 1 of Paz e Futebol. Secondly, have a listen to our latest episode of Soundsweekly Radio where we covered world music. It features a great deal of Brazilian magic plus goodies from other corners of the globe, a mix that is sure to please!

Soundsweekly Radio Ep.13 - World Tour

Serious vibes. We haven't played much music of the worldly variety in the last few radio shows so we figured what better way to make up for it than a whole show full of exotic goodies. Narrowing down the track list to a reasonable length was difficult, with the first recording totalling a solid 3 hours and featuring more variety than a pack of Assorted Creams. However, in the interest of listenability, we've refined it to its absolute best, all tumpers, no fat, with a more coherent vibe through-out as well. So without further a-do, its time to grab your passport and head for your boarding gate, next stop ... the world!



Amir - Henri Texier
Amigo Lindo Del Alma - Mateo y Trasante
Deixa Eu Dizer - Cláudia
Mezare Israel - Jazz Work Shop
Song For Maltan - Hassan Ben Jaafar & Friends
Wings of Love - Tsvia Abarbanel
Esperar Pra Ver - Evinha
Flor De Cumbión - Banda Conmoción
Seriado - Arthur Verocai
Arthur Verocai - Tenório Jr. E Seu Conjunto
I Faram Gami I Faram - Mulatu Astatke
Ethereal feat. Phil Kelan Cohran - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Rage of Love - Keith Hudson
Heavy Duty - Herman Chin Loy
Take it Easy My Brother Charles - Jorge Ben Jor
I Got The ... - Labi Siffre
Chapita - Dick Khoza
Sintayehu - Hailu Mergia
Make It Fast, Make It Slow - Rob
Se Até As 11 - Ed Motta
Bimoko Magnin (Pigmalião Rework) - Super Djata de Bamako
Shichangani - Penny Penny
Niv - Geju
Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) - Antena
Destruction Special - Watson
Margarida - Fatnotronic
I Love Fela-Fel - Unouzbeck
Asa-Sa (Danny Massure Edit) - Fred Fisher Atalobhor And His Ogiza Dance Band
Varsovia Marimba - SLG
Cantos A Ochun Et Oya (Juan Valentine Re-edit) - Osunlade

Around The World In 12 - Baker's Dozen

We're about to take you on a world wide trip in the next episode of Soundsweekly Radio, so what better way to get into the groove of things than 12 slices of mysterious, exotic, and above all, groove heavy sounds. Pack your bags 'cos we're taking you on a ride.

What Up Doe? Vol.1 - Byron The Aquarius

Hot off the press! After having missed him play at the ol' Spice Cellar (now just called 'the Cellar'), you can imagine how chuffed I was when I saw this pop up on my soundcloud feed this morning. If you've ever listened to his production work, think jazzy spaced out house jams, then you'll surely enjoy this. Its less jazzy and more disco/funk/groove oriented with a couple of bass heavy deep house numbers to keep things chugging along nicely. As you amy have noticed this is vol.1, so hopefully we can expect many more 'What Up Doe?) mixes of equal or superior quality in the future.

Tuxedo Connection - Hitomi Toyama

Engrish game is strong on this one. Sure, I could have posted this up because of the mad vibes its throwing your way, but when it comes down to it, I just can't get enough of those whack lyrics.
In all seriousness though, its still a great jam once you get over the initial reaction to the 'trying to be sexy' phrases popping up when you least expect, like a drunken foreigner trying to pick up using the odd phrases they half remembered from a movie they watched years ago.

Get Off Your Seat And Jam - Super-Wolf And The Funk Ville Band

Calling all cosmic funkonauts, international funkateers and inter-planetary beatniks. On the ones and twos is The Funk Ville Band on what seems to be their only recorded material ever (according to discogs), and Super-Wolf doing his thang on the mic. The stanky-ass groove combined with disco flourishes here and there gives it a vibe akin to early P-Funk. Perfect for getting up for a big night or as the backbone to a good power strut playlist.

Soundsweekly Radio Ep.12

Yeah, yeah. First show of 2016 and not a minute too soon, this time round I'm joined by main man mixmaster Ro who also had a little stint on the decks for this one (unfortunately none of it made the final cut though). Tssyeeeh!!!

Pressure feat. Jace XL - BLYDVS
I've Been Thinking feat. Cat Power - Handsome Boy Modelling School
The Root - D'Angelo
The Hypnotic - The Roots
Flight of the Flamingo - Flamingosis
Truth - Dwele
Strange Games & Things - Love Unlimited Orchestra
Maya - Jordan Rakei & Kiran Kai
Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Gil Scott Heron
Runnin' - The Pharcyde
Boa Noite (Tahira Rework) - Baianas de Ipioca
Transparency - Flamingosis
Getaway - Salsoul Orchestra
Dame La Noche - Gil Ventura
Get Down Friday Night (John Morales Remix) - The Fantastic Aleems
Ooh, I Love It (Love Break) - Salsoul Orchestra
L.O.V.E - Motor City Drum Ensemble
Barrito - Lukebox
I Couldn't Ask For Another - Chronophone
Calling Lenny - Cosmic Boogie
Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix) - Emmanuel Jal
For Your Love (Todd Terje Re-Edit) - Chilly
Montebello Groove - Soul Providers
Chicago w/ j.robb - wntr
You Can Win - Bileo
Out Of My Hands - Unfinished Business

Motor City Drum Ensemble vs Jeremy Underground - RA 530 9 HOUR SPECIAL!!!

Well well well!! After we were all left salivating from their exploits last year, (which was also put up by Resident Advisor) they've come back for round two which lasts a whopping 9 hours (that's no typo folks).  As expected it features the juiciest cuts of funky disco all the way through to the bangin'-est house and techno. I've only gotten a few hours into it, but the mix is as solid as you would expect from the duo who are at the forefront of mixing classic analog jams with modern tumpers. Connected by threads of soul and sheer boogie-ability, this is one I expect to be rinsing for months, if not more. Get on it!!

DOWNLOAD - Not sure how long RA keep their mixes online, but may as well get it before it's too late.

EDIT: Tracklist is also available, you can find it here.