24 Jun 2017

Mar y Tierra
Laut & Luise

Absolute stunner and a perfect way to kick off the weekend. The uplifting chords and relentless chug of the simple, yet hypnotic beat will work wonders to cleanse the mind, body and soul.



21 Jun 2017

Soundsweekly Radio Ep.20

Pack your bags, cos we're headed for this very special 20th edition of the pod/radio show (what ever you wanna call it) to the depths of the jungle. It's been a while since I've recorded a show on my lonesome, however that's not say there weren't some absolutely delish tracks suggested by a couple of lovely people (you know who you are).

Get on it!

Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix) - Deep Forest
Storm - Rare Silk
Grass, Tree and Stone - Susumu Yokota
Hetrotopia (Young Marco Remix) - Michael Ozone
Hear The Sun - Linkwood
Untitled (003A) - Cottam
Science Fiction - Genius of Time
Un.sub - Mia Dora
Yucatan - Forum
Mi Rumba - Kyodai
Classroom - Traumer
Nondo - DJ Sotofett, Karolin Tampere & Marimouna Haugen
DTMF (Call Super Remix) - Telephones
A New Life (Planet Earth Mix) - S.O.N.S.
Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie - Roberto De Simone
Running The Voodoo Down - Black Classical
Voices (Original Dub Version) - KC Flightt
Talking About Togetherness - Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski
A Father's Love (Andy's Bristol Mix) - Andy Compton's Sowetan Onesteps
On The Hill (Lodger Remix) - Oliver Sain
Birds of Dub (Architeq Version) - Architeq
One Spliff A Day - Billy Boyo
Double Minded Man - Anthony "Rocky" Ellis
Prima - Chancha Via Circuito
Iyahta - King Tubby
Skylarking - Horace Andy
Baltimore - The Tamlins
Here Comes Trouble - Chronixx
Blastit - Shabazz Palaces
Dejala Corre - Banda Los Hijos De La Nina Luz
Tamborito Swing - Los Silverstones
Omeleble - Dr.Victor Olaiya's International All Stars
Quer Queria, Quer Nao Queria - Tim Maia
Podes Crer, Amizade - Toni Tornado
Jungle Music - Kelenkye Band

Fuwari Fuwafuwa
Ruriko Ohgami

19 Jun 2017

Penny Royal
Matthew Hayes