29 Apr 2017

Y'all see I got, I got my security up on stage now, wassup

Let's show the other room we know how to get down in this motherfucker tonite, wassup

27 Apr 2017

RA Live at Brilliant Corners, London, 21st March 2017 - Jeremy Underground

From the man who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite selectors. A mix to wrap yourself in, should you be in the mood for some soul healing, or simply some general relaxation.
As we've come to expect from Jeremy, its filled with only the rarest and most exotic cuts, played out in full for your aural pleasure.
If you're digging this, then I cannot recommend his recent compilation Beauty highly enough.

(will try to keep it updated should any of the unknown tracks make themselves known to me)

[00] William Eaton - Track 4
[03] Charlie Bleak - Never You Mind
[05] Rhythm Bliss - Song Of Earth And Sky
[11] ?
[15] ?
[19] Elkin & Nelson - Vámonos
[27] ?
[33] Dynamics - Suavecito
[36] Follies Bazaar - Blue Sea
[39] Ben Williams - Me And You
[43] Incarnation - Make You Mine
[47] Debra Joyce - I'm Not The Girl
[50] Magnus Uggla - Sommartid
[54] E.L. James - The Face Of Love
[58] Sam Russell - Yesterday's Sorrow
[61] Cash Money - Seeking
[65] ?
[68] Huntington, Barber & Company - Shake It Up
[72] Full Force - Groovin'
[77] Dion Sorel - Mama
[83] Ronnie McNeir - My Baby
[86] ?

25 Apr 2017

Baker's Dozen - Muito Legal!

A very brief sampler of the incredibly rich and deep pool of sounds that is Brazil. Got some classics in there as well as some lesser known gems, however as 12 songs is not adequate for even covering a small minority of the bases, I'll keep updating this playlist in the future so make sure to bookmark it if you like what you hear!

23 Apr 2017

Soundsweekly Radio Ep. 18

You're on your daily commute into the city, its just like any other day. Somewhere along the way though, you slip into the slipstream of a subconscious. Its heart beats to the klang and bleep of metal boxes clogging up the backstreets of its arteries. With each turn of your head, layers stack upon layers stack upon you. You best believe that if you're not careful, the city, it'll swallow you whole.

It's been a while between shows but we're finally back!! For the second show in a row its the unstoppable duo of Marty & Alex (aka ymana & striccly riddims) going deeper than ever into all sounds weird and wonderful. Stay tuned for more journeys like this in the coming weeks (we're trying our darndest to get the next one out as soon as possible), and also don't forget we deliver audio vitamins on pretty much a daily basis now. What more could you ask for?

Intro - Love Song 1 - Mike Westbrook
Straight Up and Down - Eric Dolphy
Estate of Mind - George the Poet (Spoken Word)
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City - Al Brown
Technology - Fatima
Left & Right (FloFilz Remix) - D'Angelo
Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers
Windy City - Rodney Franklin
Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) - Reuben Wilson
Bitter Sweet - Abdullah Ibrahim
Goo Goo Wah Wah - Wah Wah Watson
St. Clair - Sabre, Stray & Heliogenix
Sweet Nothing - Homemade Weapons
Inner City Life (ymana's Sounds Of The City Edit) - Goldie
City Kids - Benedith Marie (Spoken Word)
Hollow (Time Wharp Remix) - Beacon
Ancient Dust - Fairmont & SwitchSt(d)ance
Die Stärke Der Vernichtenden Schläge - Rude 66
Inflex (Marco Bernardi Mix Two) - Costelloe
Splenda Daddy - Cuthead
Torben 04 A2 - Torben
Incoming (Motorcitysoul Remix) - David K
Black Sun - Kode9
The Courts - Jam City
Has It Come To This (The Streets vs DJ Zinc (Distraction)) - The Streets
Nexus On The Beach - Roberto Musci
Train In Austria - Glimpse
Peace Of Mind - Claro Intelecto
NOTU_URONLINE feat. Danalogue - DVA [Hi:Emotions]

21 Apr 2017

Bobby V. - Disco Baby (Floating Points Edit)

Don't let the title fool you. So far as the internet is concerned, a track called Disco Baby by a dude called Bobby V does not exist. The identity of this Bobby V character is equally as mysterious, with plenty of speculation and barely any hard facts being thrown around in youtube comments sections and forums alike. All we do know is that a few copies of this do exist, albeit I'd speculate its nothing official, probably just a gift from FP to close friends like Hunee and Red Greg who have both supposedly played this one out.

Its hard to put an exact value on how much the feeling towards this song grows once it's rarity renders it the stuff of legend, or at the very least shrouds it in a thin veil of mystery that even in the age of information is frustratingly elusive. Whilst you can't own the track (just yet, fingers crossed), a rip from FP's Essential Mix is on youtube so its not all bad, if you do find that it is released one day or happen to stumble on the samples used/original tune holla at ya boy, it would be much appreciated!

UPDATE!!! (29 Apr 2017)

So! If you are following our facebook page, you may have noticed that earlier today I managed to stumble upon the original of this track! And its lead me to make some interesting conclusions about the FP edit (if you can even call it that).

Firstly, the original is called Disco Baby (so I was wrong above, it was literally called Disco Baby) by a dude by the name of Yaron Gershovsky, a keyboard player who's output (or at least all of it that is recorded on discogs) is quite short, and also quite different to this track. So far as I can tell, it was only ever included on one library music record put out by Major Records in 1979. Listening to the two I can't find any differences between the original and the supposed 'Floating Points edit' which leads me to believe that in fact, a Floating Points edit doesn't exist. As to the reason why give it a different name if no editing has actually been done, I'm none the wiser. A few theories I have are that Sam (FP) is trying to keep the track a secret, or that legendary bassist from the Fania All-Stars, Bobby Valentin, had something to do with this track (there are probably a million more Bobby V's in the recording business around the world so this one is a real long shot). Regardless of that, the story behind the label that released this tune is quite interesting.

For those who are familiar (I certainly wasn't), Major Records (and its parent/sibling label Valentino Inc Production Music Library) is somewhat of the go to library music label. And if you don't think you're familiar with the label, then I can assure you that you've most likely heard one of its many releases before.

Perhaps its greatest musical talent/writer/producer was Walter Murphy. You probably know Murphy as the dude for the disco classic A Fifth of Beethoven which featured in Saturday Night Fever and also snagged a grammy. Head honcho at Major Records/Valentino Inc, Thomas Valentino,

That said, a good deal of the label's output features unknown names, generic sleeves and untitled releases, which I guess is the norm for library music catalogs/labels. It is, however, a treasure trove of samples, many of which you have probably heard before. Nicholas Flagello's Wailing Wail is perhaps one of the most sought after of these tunes, with its horn shrieks and general tense vibe being repurposed in Wu Tang Clan's Unpredictable as well as probably a bunch of other tracks.

18 Apr 2017