31 Jul 2017

Soundsweekly Radio Ep. 21 - Space II

From the depths of the deep, deep jungle, we turn our attention towards the final frontier. Space was one of the first ever themed shows we ever did here at Soundsweekly and we felt the time was ripe for a return voyage. As there were simply too many jams to pack into one show, we decided to split it up over two.

Satellite is an ode to the many shades of the vast nothingness of the great beyond, perfect for zoning out if you're ever feeling inclined to do so. Voyager, as its title suggests, is more of an adventure; packed to the brim with galactic oonce and cosmic boogie, you'll feel as if you've travelled a hundred parsecs in the space of a few hours. You don't really have to listen to them in any particular order or together even.

Satellite | Voyager
coming soon

Prana-Sun  -  Sven Grunberg
Deer Forest  -  Pierre Dutour
Не будет предано забвению  -  In Spe
Moonset 2  -  Andre Tschaskowski
Limpidite  -  Robert Viger
Blink  -  Hiroshi Yoshimura
Vayan  -  Misha Alpaerin
Trance  -  Steve Kuhn
Penombra  -  Piero Umiliani
Poluicao  -  Cesar Mariano & Cia
Awakening  -  Crypto
Quicksand  -  Starcrost
Star Children  -  Mighty Ryeders
Where Will I Go  -  Brief Encounter
Butterfly Dreams  -  Stanley Clarke
Strings of Light  -  Yussef Kamaal
Per Ulv  -  Terje Rypdal
When There Is No Sun  -  Sun Ra
Elaenia  -  Floating Points
Drifting In Time  -  Paul Williams
Naibu Eno Tukikage  -  Kenso
Synthetic Suspense  -  Sauveur Mallia
Airria (hanging garden)  -  Steve Roden
Nike  -  Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Demspter, Panaiotis
Islas Resonantes  -  Eliane Radigue
data.matrix  -  Ryojki Ikeda
Reflections On Black  -  Alio Die, Raffaele Serra
Semar  -  Roberto Musci
Morphing Cloud  -  Electro Harmonix
Back Into The Great mystery  -  Oophoi
Ocean of Emptiness  -  Echospace

Surface  -  Mallard
Temperature Drop  -  Marconi Union
As Longitude  -  Part VI
Tarantella (Black Merlin Remix)  -  Tapan
Nomads (Spazio Palazzo Remix)  -  Yor Kultura
Emergency  -  Structure
Star Furnace  -  The Comet Is Coming
Mirror Society  -  Artefakt
Motor Melodies  -  Jonathan Kusuma
Dub Rise  -  Pulsinger & IRL
Destroyer  -  Audion
Indigo  -  Azari & III
Alarm (Chirp Mix)  -  La-4a
Children of the E (KiNK SP1200 Remix)  -  Radio Slave
I Feel Lit (Alden Tyrell Remix)  -  Alden Tyrell
Twista  -  Zoe Zoe
Slice Of Life  -  Peverelist
Pixel  -  Bambounou
Falling Stars  -  Smith N Hack
Poison Lips  -  Vitalic
Spacer Woman  -  Charlie
Body Mechanic  -  Quadrant Six
Pranian Man  -  Prana People
A Black Man In Space (Sax Mix)  -  Dennis Ferrer
Waiting For A Surprise (Audion's Magic Carpet Remix)  -  Red Axes, feat. Abrao
Timewarp  -  Eddy Grant
Solnechnie Ritmy  -  Mirdza Zivere
Illusions  -  DJ Dove
Situation (Deadline Mix)  -  Yazoo
Don't Stop  -  K.I.D.
Hypnotic (Automatic Piano)  -  Droid
The Mood I'm In (Gameboyz Remix)  -  Panama Disco Lights
Stop  -  B.W.H.
Magic  -  General Lee
Space Talk  -  Asha Puthli

29 Jul 2017

Eddie Henderson

Launch sequence initiated...

18 Jul 2017

DJ Dove

Don't sleep

4 Jul 2017

Betcha Don't Know

Turn down dem blinds, take it nice and slow baby, nice and slooowwww. Sensual as fucks.