Allnightlong @ Moog Club 24th Aug 2016 - John Talabot

Earlier this year I posted the MCDE v Jeremy Underground 5 hour extravaganza having only listened to a couple of hours of it, perhaps naively putting off listening to it all in one go til a later date. That still hasn't happened, however I have listened to all of it broken up in 1 and a half to 2 hour blocks. Perhaps its just the nature of the type of music in that mix that it doesn't translate well for extended periods. Well today I've got another 5 hour set for your lucky ears to latch onto, and dare I say, it is a much better fit for the 5 hour mix format (if that is even a thing) than the MCDE v JU mix.
I remember the first time I heard John Talabot's DJ Kicks mix, and thinking to myself that it was the first I'd heard a DJ mix that matched the feel and craft of a live set recorded with a whole studio full of gear. All songs are expertly mixed, forming one of the richest musical journeys I can remember hearing for a very long time. Reminiscent of that German slow deep house/tech vibe, this one is perfect for long reading sessions, or a gentle stroll down Boogie Blvd on a Sunday arvo.

Soundsweekly Radio Ep.16 - Xmas Special

That about wraps up another year! Hope you're all enjoying the company of your loved ones, getting some solid rest and of course stretching out the limbs having a little jiggle n jive know what I'm sayin.
Sending all my love to everyone who has supported us this year, whether it be hitting the blog, being an awesome boogie partner, appreciating these radio shows/podcasts. All I can say is hold your hats next year cos we're only just getting started. 

Peace, grooves, love!!!

Download link and tracklisting are down below.


These Days (feat. Wanderer) - ConsciousThoughts
You Used To Love Me (Ali Mix) - Faith Evans
Nilox - Persian Empire
His Name Is Eddie - Four Walls; Funkyjaws
Mango Bay - X-Coast
Thinkin - Dan Shake
Into the Sunshine (Jacques Renault Edit) - Henry Rodrick
Untitled (Luv.Nine B1) - Love Unlimited Vibes
iigo - Dan Kye
Elisco (Alphabet City Remix) - Jkriv; Lou Teti
Disco Function - Rare Function
Zambesi - Salsoul Orchestra
Come Let Me Love You (Francois K Mix) - Jeanette 'Lady' Day
Charlene - Psychic Mirrors
Get A Good Feeling - Brief Encounter
You Choose Me - Pleasure
Get It Up For Love - Tata Vega
Dr Love (Marquis Hawkes Edit) - First Choice
Dance Your Blues Away - Ivan Neville
Just One More Time - Rob
Presentation - Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
Disco Mania - Prana People
Wear It Out (ymana's gruvsgongetcha edit) - Stargard
Can't Hide - Tim McAllister
Darling I Love You (Underdog Edit) - Jorge Santana
Organized (Kenny Dope Edit) - Mugo
Dancin' and Prancin' (Joey Negro Edit) - Candido

Soundsweekly Radio Ep. 15 - Animals

We back! Prepare to get a serious boogie on as we take you into the depths of all things bombastic, fantastic - animalistic!